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Sanhe Winery sits serenely amongst the mountains of the Southern Changbai mountain range, on the edges of northeast China, where King Jumong established the ancient Korean Kingdom of Goguryeo (37 BC) which eventually became the largest dynasty in Korean history.  

Sanhe’s Vidal Vineyards are situated within one kilometre of the beautiful Huanlong Lake (40°54'N-41°32'N), a stunning geographical location offering a naturally-suited climate with an abundance of sunshine. The use of state-of-the-art equipment combined with a supreme international winemaking team guarantees the highest standards of production for the Icewine. The grapes are frozen naturally on the vine and entirely (100%) handpicked when the temperature drops to -8°C. Each bunch of frozen grapes is then pressed to capture the rare droplets of this precious and luxurious grape. It is only via a subtle technique of ageing that such a succulent and exceptional rare icewine can be produced. 


The chief winemaker is Portuguese Professor Baoshan Sun, senior researcher of INIAV, expert committee member of OIV. The manufacturing and process consultants are Professor Daryl L. Davies and Professor Liang-Jing Jean from the University of Southern California, expert committee members of the US Food and Drug Administration. 

Panda is Sanhe Winery's UK exclusive importer and distributor. 


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