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Puchang is an ecologically friendly vineyard in Turpan Valley, Xinjiang is situated at the border of Gobi Desert. Turpan is located in the heart of Xinjiang near the Tianshan Mountain Basin, also known as the “Fire Island”. With latitude of 41°12’ to 43°40’, Puchang vineyard shares the same latitude with some of the best winemaking regions in the world.


The organic grapes are nurtured by natural snow water from the Tian Shan Mountains. Untouched by human and free from pollution, it channels through the underground Karez water system to our vineyard, keeping the water source naturally pure. The vineyard consists of weak alkaline permeable soil that is rich in minerals, giving their wines a particularly smooth texture with flavors with depth and complexity.

Under the unique climate in Turpan Valley, pests barely survive in their vineyard, none of their wine grapes contain pesticides, herbicides or viral contamination, providing high quality wine varieties through organic farming.

The chief winemaker at Puchang is Mr Loris Tartaglia from Italy. 

Panda is Puchang Winery's UK exclusive importer and distributor. 


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