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Tiansai Chardonnay Reserve 2016


2017 Cathay Pacific Asia Best Wines and Spirits Competition Silver Medal

2017 IWSC International Wine & Spirits Competition Silver Medal

2018 Decanter World Wine Awards Silver Medal (90 Points)

2018 IWC International Wine Challenge Silver Medal

2018 RVF Chinese Fine Wine Awards Silver Medal

2018 RVF Chinese Fine Wine Awards Best Value for Money


This multi-award-winning Chardonnay shows aromas of citrus and green melon, with background notes of fresh tropical fruits such as mango, pineapple and distinctive intense minerality. The purity and freshness of the fruits carry through to the palate, combined with a creamy texture and a long finish.

Tiansai Winery sits at the Southern foothills (altitude 3800 feet) of the Tian Shan Mountains, on the path of the ancient Silk Road (200 BC) in Xinjiang, in the north-west corner of China. Naturally surrounded on three sides by mountains and one side by a lake, the vineyard enjoys long sunlight, warmth and pure snow water to create a perfect setting for natural and organic grape growing, with a surrounding habitat of wild swans, antelopes and yaks. By adopting organic farming and using the most advanced equipment and international winemaking team, Tiansai Vineyards has won “China Best Boutique Winery Awards” successively since 2012.


The chief winemaker is Ms Lilian Carter, who has also been a winemaker for Pernod Ricard.  


Since launching on the Chinese market, the Tiansai Winery has won 65 awards from several domestic and international wine competitions, such as “Decanter World Wine Awards” and “IWSC International Wine & Spirit Competition Awards”, which are testament to the quality of the winery’s wines. 

Panda is Tiansai Winery's UK exclusive importer and distributor. 


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